Understanding Gaps – An introduction to trading the opening gap using probabilities

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Beginning with a detailed description and examples of the four different types of gaps, Scott Andrews, “The Gap Guy,” explores the fundamentals of opening gap price action and the obvious challenges that must be overcome to trade gaps successfully.

Using history as his guide, Scott breaks down the specifics of his gap trading  strategy and execution parameters, which are based on his unique and highly regarded “gap zone” methodology.  Full color examples charts demonstrating eleven (11) actual winning and losing trades, along with his own detailed after-action review of each.

Finally, Scott sends you on your way with thirteen (13) pragmatic, real-world trading tips for not only surviving, but thriving as a professional gap trader, and a five (5) step plan for getting started.

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Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned speculator, this information-packed book can help you make the gap trade a profitable component of your trading plan.  The markets will probably gap open tomorrow, so what you are waiting for?  Order your electronic copy of Understanding Gaps and you’ll have access within minutes.


About the Author:
Scott Andrews, a former public company CEO, is a private trader and president of Master The Gap, Inc., an education service that provides daily probabilities and tools for professional and retail traders. Demand for his research led to the establishment of www.MasterTheGap.com in 2007. Mr. Andrews is the author of Understanding Gaps (published by TradersPress.com), numerous articles in various trading publications, and is a frequent speaker at trading and financial conferences. Prior to trading, he co-founded SciQuest, Inc., (SQI) and took the company public as CEO in 1999. Mr. Andrews earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina, graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and is a decorated aviator of the first Gulf War.